Environmental management
and Occupational Safety and Health


Professional cleaning

Every time when your home or office has to be flawlessly cleaned, we are ready to help. Our main aim is environmental preservation and thus we use eco-friendly detergents, which have minimal impact on and do not cause damage to the environment.
We offer single-time or subscription service for cleaning your home, apartment, cottage, office, industrial plant, medical or dental cabinet, school, kindergarten, sports facility, or other spaces. Keeping good hygiene and presentable atmosphere is of paramount importance for your comfort and success of your business.

Office cleaning

Cleanliness, healthy and cozy work environment are advantages, which shall motivate and predispose your employees to perform better at work. Office cleanliness will not only raise the work efficiency, but also will create good impression to your current and future customers and business partners.
Some of the office subscription services are:
  • Dedusting of furniture and equipment;
  • Cleaning of different types of flooring;
  • Cleaning of sanitary space;
  • Disinfection;
  • Cleaning of light switches and outlets;
  • Cleaning of windows and joinery.

Home cleaning

If you are contemplating whether you should spend the whole weekend cleaning the windows and floors or spend the time in leisure activities, call us now. Our professionals will do their best to achieve high cleanliness of your home. No matter whether you live in the center or in the outskirts, in a house or apartment, the professionals form Eco Resolve LTD will make your home shining clean.

Thorough cleaning of an apartment or house includes:
  • Cleaning different types of flooring;
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Cleaning of sanitary space – toilet and shower room (including disinfection with professional detergents: floor, toilet seat, urinal, sink, bath, shower cabin);
  • Kitchen cleaning – countertops, cupboards, electrical devices;
  • Disinfection;
  • Spiderweb cleaning;
  • Trash bins cleaning and garbage disposal;
  • Windows cleaning;
  • Cleaning of window skirting;
  • Cleaning of the outer air conditioner;
  • Cleaning of heating bodies;
  • Cleaning of mirrors and other glass surfaces;
  • Cleaning of light switches, luminaire fixtures, and outlets;
  • Cleaning of concrete slabs and others;
  • And all other surfaces that have to be and can be cleaned.

Additional services

  • Inside cleaning of ovens, refrigerators, and other electrical devices;
  • Cleaning of blinds – inside and outside;
  • Furniture washing (mattresses, couches, chairs, and others);
  • Carpets washing.

Cleaning of industrial plants

Every industrial plant aims to provide and sustain high work efficiency. Major contribution to this is the high hygiene in the manufacturing space. Hygiene can render psychological influence both on the employees and on everyone familiar with the manufacturing plants. We, in Eco Resolve LTD, offer our business clients a standard subscription, which can be altered depending on the needs and preferences of the client. The service includes:
  • Cleaning of different types of flooring;
  • Dedusting of surfaces;
  • Offices cleaning;
  • Cleaning of sanitary spaces;
  • Cleaning of rest and common rooms;
  • Garbage disposal and trash bins cleaning;
  • Disinfection; and others.
For each client we prepare an individual offer, upon free-of-charge site visit. When preparing the offer we take into account the squaring of the office or home, weekly visits and client-preferred services.


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