Environmental management
and Occupational Safety and Health

Integrated services

Eco Resolve LTD – environmental management and OSH consultant, offers its clients integrated services with different scope. This service may include some or all of the professional services offered by the consultant: 
  • Environmental management ( of components: Air, Water, Soil, Subsoil, Biodiversity, Climate, Landscaping, Natural sites, Minerals, Waste, Chemical substances and mixtures, Noise, Radiation, Physical factors, GMO);
  • Health and safety at work – execution of the requirements outlined in Law of the safety and health conditions at work and the relative legislation;
  • Authorized Occupational safety and health department (AOSH) - providing the employees with services in accordance with the requirements outlined in Art. 25, paragraph 1 of Law of the safety and health conditions at work;
  • Fulfilment of all environmental and OSH of all legal obligations;
  • Preparing all types of environmental and OSH reports;
  • Organizing and execution of laboratory analysis and monitoring pursuant to the environmental legislation;
  • Safe and healthy work conditions risks assessment;
  • Investigation of the cause of industrial traumatism;
  • Development of programs and measures to eliminate the health risk for the employees;
  • Evaluation of the work environment factors;
  • Evaluation of the microclimate components, lighting, noise at the workplace, vibrations, electric safety, lightning safety and others;
  • Organizing medical examinations ,analysis, and medical services on the premises of the enterprise;
  • Organizing first aid trainings for the staff end employees;
  • Preparation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) according to the national legislation;
  • Preparation and maintenance of all documentation required for the operation of the plant pursuant to the environmental and OHS legislation;
  • Submission of environmental and OHS reports, on the behalf of the enterprise, in accordance with the current legislation;
  • Preparation of applications for obtaining environmental and OHS permits;
  • Ensuring and organizing Fire and Emergency safety on the premises of the enterprise;
  • Training experts in the environmental and OHS spheres;
  • Training OHS responsible staff, representatives of the Labor conditions committee and Labor conditions group, and the management in accordance with the Law of the safety and health conditions at work;
  • Training responsible staff for conduction of safe work instructions;
  • Safe work instructions (workers; engine and electro trucks operators; electricians; heavy-load handworkers; workers using wheelbarrows and wagons; workers exposed to explosives and chemical substances and mixtures.);
  • Training of High-risk equipment responsible staff (lifting gear, pressure vessels, boilers, gas vessels and others);
  • Training of vehicle drivers, holders of C1, C1+E, C, C+E, D1, D1+E, D or D+E driving categories license, when they are entitled to execute public transportation or own-account transportation
  • Periodic examination of the pressure vessels, elevators, lifting gear (cranes, scissor lifts), liquefied hydrocarbon gas vessels (fuel installations) and others;
  • Manufacturing and energy optimization technical solutions (including building and electrical equipment heat loss estimation);
  • Preparation of the entire documentation for plans and strategies, projects and investment proposals under the scope of the Law of Environmental protection until a final decision from MOEW;
  • Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) permit: application, participation and assistance at all stages until the permit is obtained; alternations to the permit; management of enterprises with IPPC permit;
  • Management systems internal audits (ISO and EMAS) and certification audits;
  • Landscaping;
  • Creating wooded boundaries and green filters (air, water, soil);
  • Disinfection, disinsection and deratization;
  • Insurance services;
  • General data protection consultation (GDPR).


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