Environmental management
and Occupational Safety and Health


Landscaping of outdoor space

We aim to create green spaces and to maintain them pleasant and tidy in order to make you feel closer to Nature. All of our enterprises are based on the understanding that a green space should be simultaneously beautiful and practical. Once created, the green corners must be well taken care of and maintained. Landscaping is a process that is not achieved instantly, but through dedication and hard work.
The initial steps for creating green spaces are as follows:
  • To keep them green and fresh, they have to be properly irrigated. For that reason, creating an irrigation system and establishing watering cycle is essential;
  • The terrain should be free of rocks and other inert or organic waste;
  • The soils should be processed and enriched, and proper draining slops should be provided;
  • The grass seedlings should be suitable for the terrain;
  • The greenery should be nourished with suitable fertilizer;
  • The grass should be crossed sowed;
  • Initial mowing should be done.


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