Environmental management
and Occupational Safety and Health


Eco Resolve LTD was established in 2008 by professionals with long-standing experience. The company offers consultancy services in the sphere of Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

A major goal of the company is to help its clients with expertise and in an effective way while taking into account the constantly changing safety and health legislation and business environment. We offer assistance with establishment of management systems and preparation of complete documentation, which ensures the safety and health during the work of the production plant.

Authorized occupational safety and health department in Eco Resolve Ltd provides the employees with services in accordance with the requirements outlined in Art. 25, paragraph 1 of Law of the safety and health conditions at work.

Eco Resolve Ltd offers services as safety and health at work authority. 


Safety and Health Labor Conditions record

  • In accordance with the current national legal system, the record should consist of:
    • internal working rules;
    • conduction programs of all instructions and briefings;
    • instructions for safe work with the available machinery and equipment;
    • orders (responsible staff for following regulations, responsible staff for managing Labor conditions committee or Labor conditions group, responsible staff for conduction of instructions), etc.
    • documents for establishment and operation  of Labor conditions committee or Labor conditions group, etc.
  • Updating the documentation upon changes in the legislation regarding occupational safety and health.

Instructions for safe work

  • Preparation of instructions about available machinery, transportation means and equipment of the enterprise.

Programs and orders

  • Program for conduction of all briefings and trainings – initial, periodical, at the work place, emergency and daily;
  • Program for prevention of risks in the enterprise;
  • Orders for establishing Labor conditions committee or Labor conditions group;
  • Orders for responsible person for safety at work;
  • Orders for types of instructions and the responsible people.

High-risk equipment

  • Requirements for putting high-risk equipment in service;
  • Requirements for conduction of technical inspections;
  • Requirements for training of people working with high-risk equipment;
  • Requirements for specifications of signs and boards.

Chemical substances and mixtures

  • Creating an index of the stored and used hazardous chemical substances and mixtures;
  • Creating instructions about safe work with chemical substances and mixtures;
  • Requirements about personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and workwear

Creating a list of PPE and special workwear depending on the manufacturing and the risks originating from it.

Annual declaration on Art. 15 of Law of the safety and health conditions at work

  • Requirements for completion and submission of declaration on Art. 15 of Law of the safety and health conditions at work;
  • Specific requirements for filling in Annexes;
  • Information regarding current Decrees and other regulations regarding safety and health conditions at work.

Accidents at the work place

  • Consultations on determination, investigation, registration and recognition of accidents at the work place.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation to register an accident at the work place

Fire and emergency safety

  • Creating fire safety record of a facility;
  • Creating an emergency plan in accordance with Art.35 and Art.36 of the Disaster Protection Act.

Authorized department in occupational safety and health (AOSH)

  • Observation, analysis and assessment of the health condition of all concerned employees;
  • Safety and health risk assessment of the employees;
  • Measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce the assessed risk;
  • Training programs of the management and the employees;
  • First aid, self-help and mutual assistance training of the employees;
  • Regulation orders regarding safety and health at work;
  • Rules and instructions ensuring safety and health at work;
  • Helping Labor conditions committee and Labor conditions group.

Road transportation of hazardous goods (ADR)

  • Consultations on the requirements regarding the documentation and the means of transportation;
  • Designations and signalization;
  • Consultations on gaining qualification.

Safety and health at work trainings

  • Training in safety and health care at work in accordance with current regulations;
  • Training for safe work with chemical agents;
  • Training for heavy-load hand work;
  • Initial and annual training of the members of Labor conditions committee or Labor conditions group.


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