Environmental management
and Occupational Safety and Health


The Authorized Occupational safety and health department (AOSH) in Eco Resolve LTD offers consultations and services in Risk assessment, safe work, occupational illnesses, industrial traumatism, requirements on working with hazardous chemicals and mixtures, and many others.

AOSH in Eco Resolve LTD provides the employees with services in accordance with the requirements outlined in Art. 25, paragraph 1 of Law of the safety and health conditions at work.

The department makes consultations and advises the employers on implementing preventive measures to ensure safe and healthy work conditions, and to introduce principles for constant optimization of the S&H management.

All of the staff members in the Authorized OSH department in Eco Resolve are high-qualified professionals with extensive experience in occupational medicine and industrial traumatism.

The activities fulfilled by the Authorized OSH department include:
  • Observation, analysis and assessment of the health condition of all concerned employees, including those, who are highly sensitive or have decreased resistance;
  • Safe and healthy work conditions risks assessment in compliance with the current legislation;
  • Creation of lists of measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce the assessed risks, which are in concordance with the requirements of the management and the employees of the organization;
  • Developing and executing training programs for the management and the employees on important topics from health and safety aspect;
  • Organization and execution of first aid, self-help and mutual assistance training of the employees in specific extraordinary situation that may originate from the manufacturing process;
  • Provision of assistance to the employers to comply with the national health legislation;
  • Provision of assistance to the employers to issue orders, instructions and rules regarding safety and health at the work place, and advices the management and the employees on how to follow them correctly;
  • Helping Labor conditions committee and Labor conditions group.


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