Environmental management
and Occupational Safety and Health

The company

Eco Resolve LTD was established in 2008 by professionals with long-standing experience. The company offers consultancy services on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria in two main fields – Environmental Management and Health and Safety at work.

Currently Eco Resolve LTD has a team of highly qualified experts, each of whom specializes in a certain professional sphere, and thus offers its clients and partners high quality service in every aspect of the environmental management and OHS. The company supports permanent contractual personnel, specializing in each of the components of the environment: Air, Water, Soil, Biodiversity, Climate, Subsoil, Landscape, Natural sited, Minerals, Waste, Chemical substances and mixtures, Noise, Radiation, Physical factors, GMO.

The team offers professional analysis and evaluation of the environmental impact on the account of thorough field examination, experience and current scientific data.

Eco Resolve LTD works on national and European level, collaborating with qualified experts and organizations to preserve Nature and to offer sustainable environmental management and development.

The main goal of the company is to offers the operators of technological units, certified expertise regarding environmental and OHS problems and difficulties when dealing with national and European legislation.

Eco Resolve LTD offers consultancy services for the improvement of agricultural management, ease of communication with the control bodies and assistance in solving environmental and OHS problems.


Eco Resolve LTD
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